A website's homepage is its front door, the first thing many visitors will see before diving in for more information. 6 Items You Should Include on Your Business Homepage

That means in order for your entire website to work, your homepage has to be on point in terms of introducing visitors to your business and guiding them toward next steps.

To ensure that the most important page on your website actually helps you grow your business, here are 6 items  6 items you should include on your business homepage.

1) Engaging Visuals

Above all, your homepage has to convince your visitors that your website is worth even spending more than a few seconds on. The only way you can accomplish that is by using engaging visuals, such as photography or video, to showcase your business. 

Your users will only skim any content you write for your website, and will form a first impression of your business in as little as 50 milliseconds. Visuals are the best and only way to get them interested in your business is to engage them with visual content first.


2) Value Proposition

Of course, your homepage should not only consist of visual content. After the initial engagement, your users will want to find out more about your business, so you should include your value proposition - the core benefit you offer to your customers or clients - prominently on the page. It can come in the form of a headline or a short sentence or two, but including your value proposition is a crucial part in keeping your audience engaged.


3) Intuitive Navigation

If the first two items achieve their goal, your visitors will begin to navigate around your website. It's your responsibility to make sure that as they do, they will find information as easily and intuitively as possible. Your navigation begins at your homepage, with clearly marked and easy-to-understand headers for each subsection of your website.


4) Social Touch Points

Of course, especially if your business or its value proposition fulfils audience expectations, your visitors may want to engage with you on a deeper level. As a result, including links or even dynamic feeds to your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere helps make the connection.

In addition, linking your homepage to your social accounts also improves audience perception of your business. They will now see your business as vibrant and active, and form a more positive image about it in their mind as a result.


5) News, Events, and Blog

Speaking of vibrancy: every company has news to share, and some host events that may be relevant for their audience. If you embrace inbound marketing, you will even have a blog on which you share thoughts and industry insights with your audience.

Getting this type of in-depth content in front of your audience as early as possible achieves a similar goal to your social touch points, but at a deeper level. Your audience will perceive you as knowledgeable and credible, and will begin to interact with your content once they've found it from your homepage.


6) Compelling CTAs

Finally, don't be shy to offer next steps to your visitors. Even if you offer the most intuitive navigation possible, along with plenty of social touch points, they may need guidance on where to go next. Help them through compelling calls to action, which may include contacting you, browsing your store, downloading an industry white paper, or more.

Few visitors will embark on the customer journey from your homepage without guidance. Through calls to action they can relate to and engage with, you can open the door for them to find the content they look for and ultimately begin their journey to become your customers.


Does your homepage include these 6 crucial components? If not, you may want to give it another look. Getting the homepage right is perhaps the most important part of website design. To learn more about optimising your homepage and website as a whole, contact us.

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