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Improving your digital strategy

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Feb 24, 2014
Kevin Fouche

Improving your digital strategy is key to growing your business. Whether you want to gain market share, increase your revenue or grow in size, getting your businesses digital strategy right is critical. But how do you do this? Here are some ideas.

Website Insider: Improving your digital strategy

Tips for Improving your digital strategy

Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself:

1) What is your business good at?
What is your USP?
What do you do that is better than your competitors?
Understanding what separates you from your competitors and narrowing in on what your business truly excels at will help give you a clear mindset and vision for your strategy.

2) Who is your target demographic?
Be specific?
Knowing who your target audience is will help you focus on how and when to market to them. The more exact you can be and more focussed you can be demographically, the clearer your options will be.

3) How will you measure your success?
What is your operational efficiency?
Do measure through sales?
Awareness? Enquiries?
Remember that it is not worth doing anything if you don't track, test and refine what you are doing. By putting in testing measures in place, you will be able to judge how well you are going with your targeting and who you are targeting.

Understand your customers objectives
Too many businesses focus purely on what they want to say and what they want to get out there without ever truly listening to what their customers and consumers have to say. Does your business regularly perform surveys on your customers or potential customers to see what they really want or think should be changed? Maybe try this and see what happens.

Design for user enjoyment and simplicity of navigation
This follows on from the previous point but relates directly to what I see happening in much of the web design that is going on around the world. Too many businesses get caught up in trying to feature everything they want to say in one big mess of words, pictures and star burst. The end result is often visual chaos where everything is being shouted at the user, but no-one feels listened to.

Think with the end customer top of mind and create something they will enjoy to navigate around and truly enjoy. This is what really will stir them into staying on your website and giving your business.

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Collect Data along the way!
Collecting data may sound boring, but it can be a key tool in assessing your status and getting to focus in on exactly where your potential customers may be. Regularly monitor and track your websites performance. Track your customers visits, movements throughout your site and track their experience. Modify your methods and repeat. Learn, Measure, Refine and Repeat! Through monitoring and revising your methods you will begin to get a greater understanding of your ideal strategy and ideal customers.

Mobile Me
Is your website mobile friendly? Well it should be! With the ever growing use of mobile devices such as ipad and iphones, it is critical that your web site and any part of your digital strategy be mobile friendly. To ignore this fact would be a detrimental for your business I feel. And my tip - remember... Apps are not always the answer for small businesses. Unless you have an idea for an App that will engage the user in a different way to your website, you are just wasting your money.

Multiple Touch Points
The best way to target your market is to remember that you need multiple touch points across all of your marketing. In today's over advertised world, people have become immune to much advertising and notice very little of what is shown to them.

Numerous reminders to your market of your presence gives you the best way of reaching your targets. It is highly important you track and measure your success and where your leads are coming from so you can capitalise on this. Such touch points for your businesses marketing could be: FaceBook, Twitter, Your website, Your E-Newsletter, Printed brochures and advertising.

Last but not least...
If you can't measure it, don't do it!. I know I've said it before but it's crucial to everything you do. Improvement is only ever gained through improved understanding. So... Test, Track, Refine - REPEAT! 

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