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The 4 Step Process for Perfect Content Writing

Posted by Kevin Fouche on May 18, 2018
Kevin Fouche
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We are often asked by our clients where to start with writing the content for their new website.

They often ask questions such as: How do I choose what to write on my website?  Is writing content for the web different to print? If the website looks good, does it even matter what I write?

Does Website Content Really Matter?

Well the answer is a resounding YES! Your website content matters more now than ever before.

Website Content matters

Even with the best design and functionality, a website will not help grow your business unless your potential clients can engage with the content. When you are deciding on the structure of your new site you should be thinking about your content.

Lack of planning leads to confusing websites. If someone who comes to your site is confused, they won't stick around very long, and they certainly won't do much reading. 

Follow a 4 Step Content Process - Before diving head first into your website project, sit down with your team and plan out your website.

Coming up with clear content should involve the following process.

The 4 Step Process for Perfect Content Writing

1. Planning

Before you start writing think critically about a few things:
• Who is your target mark?
• What information are they looking for?
• How can you help them?
• What tone of voice is needed to communicate efficiently?

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2. Writing

The best way to create your website content is to dedicate the appropriate time and focus to get it done to a high level. Ensure you give you and your team the time and space to write effectively. Rushed content written late at night often comes across poorly. 

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3. Rewriting

Whilst your first draft may have been impressive, cast your eye over your content again and imagine you now are your ideal customer. How can you further improve what you have written? What could you do to improve your website content?

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4. Proofing

Make sure you thoroughly go over your final content with fresh eyes. Nothing creates a bad impression like poor spelling or incorrect grammar. If possible get someone outside of the business to have a review. 

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