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Top 4 Benefits of Using Icons in Web Design

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 5, 2018
Kevin Fouche
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Icons have become part of our online journey. They help engage website users and can add fun, style and interest to your website. So what are the benefits to using icons in your web design?

Benefits of Using Icons in Web Design

When implemented properly, there are several benefits to using icons in your web design. Visitors to your website will usually do a quick scan of your page and decide whether to read on – or click away. Icons can grab your visitors’ attention, luring them in to engage with your content and stay a while.

There are a few reasons why you should consider using icons in your web design.

4 Benefits of Using Icons in Web Design

1. Icons are effective communication devices

Icons are easy to understand and grab a user’s attention. Icons break down language barriers, reinforce website content and are far more memorable than text alone. Icons illustrate while adding freshness to your web design. An icon can quickly sum up and express what a section of text is about by communicating the core idea in a visual way.

2. Icons provide personality

The icons you choose for your website will say a lot about your brand, so choosing a style that fits with your brand’s personality is imperative.

Fun, bright and buoyant or sleek, modern and professional? There is an icon set that will be the ideal match for the personality you want your brand to project. Icons add a creative element to your website, so why not consider adding icons that are unique to your brand?

3. Icons add interest

Users can be easily turned off by huge chunks of text on a website. Icons are a great way to divide up a wall of text making it more readable.

Icons add visual interest, strategically taking large amounts of text and converting them into easy-to-tackle sections to draw your user in. Without pictures and icons, websites can become very boring. A well-designed web page will engage the user, create interest with visuals (from bold headlines to pictures, videos to icons) and break up blocks of content so as to sustain the user’s focus. Icons are a great way of doing exactly that.

There are so many icons to choose from, you are sure to find one that works brilliantly with your brand and matches the vision you have for your website. While certain themes, such as the popular DIVI, offer their own great range of icons, should you desire something specific,, Pixel Fish are able to create exclusive custom icons for your website. Contact us for a chat today about how we can add icons to your website that are uniquely your own.

4. Icons aid navigation

Icons guide your user and, when placed correctly, can help your user intuitively navigate your website without relying upon text. If used incorrectly icons can clutter and confuse. Using icons should not detract or distract from website content, but rather enhance it. It is important to ensure icons are used as visual guidelines to aid navigation, not to simply decorate a website with minimal content.

A few things to keep in mind…
Icons should enhance your website user’s experience, not complicate it. Remember that although icons can – and should – be creative, they need to be functional, too.

Your icons should be commonly recognised symbols. An icon’s ability to communicate its message within a few seconds relies upon the user recognising instantly what the icon represents. Minimise confusion where you can: for example, an envelope has become the universal symbol for email, therefore to communicate ‘email’ to your users in a visual way, sticking with a simple icon of an envelope is the way to go.

Icons can be an appealing addition to your website, one that can entice and engage your users. Use icons to add interest, break up walls of text, help your users navigate their journey and communicate swiftly to your visitors - all while conveying the personality of your brand! Icons can become a fantastic feature of your site, in regard to both functionality and design aesthetics.

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