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As Pixel Fish's Digital Creative Director, Mark is responsible for overseeing all of the digital design that leaves the studio.
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Divi vs Elementor: Which WordPress Theme should you choose?

Posted by Mark Fouche on Mar 4, 2021

It's not easy to get too much of a good thing. Especially when it comes to website design, you want as much good as possible when it comes to building your website and attracting your audience. Good to know, then, that as WordPress has started to develop and expand its usability over the years, two page builder tools have begun to stand out above the rest.

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10 WordPress Plugins to Speed Up Your Ecommerce Website

Posted by Mark Fouche on Feb 18, 2021

With most venue stores closed or delivery-only and those open allowing only distanced shopping, the population has had to take their shopping online. Brands both focused on e-commerce and those recently moved to the online selling have a huge demand to meet.

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Top 8 Advanced WordPress Features & Plugins to Beat Your Competition

Posted by Mark Fouche on Feb 11, 2021

The internet is more alive with activity than is has ever been. There has been a vast increase in online commerce, remote services, long distance orders, and even online activity for local businesses is at a historic high. While the economy is in a state of flux, web design is flexing to keep up with the constantly increasing demand for new sites and services online. As every industry takes it to the digital realm, your website is suddenly facing an onslaught of online competition.

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Top 3 Ecommerce Customer Service Tactics for your Website

Posted by Mark Fouche on Feb 4, 2021

Every year, more customers shop e-commerce for their products, gifts, homewares and clothing. More and more customers discover great deals online, the convenience of drop-shipping, and the ability to get shopping done without a big trip to overpacked stores. Due to COVID, overpacked stores aren't an ideal option for many. Last-minute runs to the shopping mall or outlet market aren't happening this year because of social distancing and closed stores.

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12 Tactics to Increase Your WordPress Website Speed

Posted by Mark Fouche on Nov 25, 2020

Website development has become a race at break-neck speed - but not to finish your web design. Businesses are joining the market, leaving, or reinventing their websites all the time. Instead, the race is for who can load the fastest page. Let's dive into the top WordPress tactics for improving the loading time for every page on your website.

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