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Kevin Fouche is the Director of Pixel Fish. He ensures every website we design and launch is highly engaging and aligned to achieving our client's goals.
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Top 10 Ways to Use QR Codes to Promote Your Business and Your Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Oct 8, 2021

By now, everyone is familiar with the site of QR codes, even if they don't know what they are or what they are for. Many businesses are using these funny-looking images to help build their brands, drive traffic, solicit feedback, and more.

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How to Set Up Your Home Office for Video Meetings

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Aug 13, 2021

More people than ever are conducting meetings from home and for many people, that work-from-home arrangement is looking like it might just be here to stay. Now that we're no longer cobbling together home office solutions, you may want to make sure that your home office is fully prepared for virtual meetings. Is your home office Zoom ready? Consider these important elements.

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Topics: Business Tips, Video

Website Platform Review: Squarespace vs WordPress

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 22, 2021

Tech wars are all over, and you're probably an avid spectator. There's Android vs. iOS, Xbox vs. PlayStation and the Galaxy S- series versus the iPhone. Then there's one you only hear about when creating websites: Squarespace vs. WordPress.

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Top 10 Tips to Create The Perfect Call-to-Action for your website

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 15, 2021

Read this blog to the very end, and you'll walk away with $100,000! If only it were that simple. Still, a lure like that is enough to pull in readers from all corners of the internet. And if done right, it's enough to spur them to take the action you want them to take.

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How to Drive Website Traffic with Podcasting for your business

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jun 24, 2021

In this digital age, consumers spend a significant amount of their spare time on the internet. As such, it's fair to say an online presence is integral for business success. 

If you have a website, you're one step closer to unlocking the value of a global audience, but you're not quite there yet. For your website to consistently have a lot of traffic, it must have content that your target audience finds entertaining, insightful, and useful to their specific needs.

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