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Hashtag Strategies That Can Work for Your Business

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Mar 20, 2019

Is your business using social media hashtags to their full advantage? Hashtags can boost traffic to your social pages and boost traffic to your website, so you might want to save them a seat in your next marketing planning session, because whether you use them or not, your competitors probably will.

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10 Tips for Creating a Better Contact Form to Improve Conversion

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Mar 14, 2019

The best contact forms shine when it comes to usability and intuitive design. Taking the time to build a better contact form will repay you by boosting your conversion rates and improve the user-friendliness of your website.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Website Design

What are Image Alt Tags and How Do They Affect Your SEO?

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Mar 8, 2019
What is image alt text and is it important for your website? Well, to put it simply, image alt text can transform your website’s images into hyperlinked search results, paving the way for even more visitors to find their way to your website.

What’s more, image alt text provides visually-impaired visitors to your website with a better user experience and can also help boost your website’s SEO. So, ready to learn more?
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Discover the Best Blog Length for Google Rankings & SEO

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Feb 27, 2019

Your target audience will probably be quite different from the audience the next person who reads this blog will be trying to target. Just as target audiences differ, the ideal blog length for higher Google rankings and optimum SEO will differ depending on the blog’s topic and content.

While there is no exact ‘ideal blog length’ that will work across all content, we can offer you a guide to discovering the blog length that will work best for you, your content and your business’ goals.

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Topics: Search Engine Optimisation, Blogging, Content Creation

10 Common Misconceptions About WordPress

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jan 31, 2019

WordPress is widely considered to be a versatile, SEO friendly, secure and technically superior content management system that’s great value for money. You might have heard that WordPress comes with many benefits, such as it’s mobile readiness and social media integration. You might be surprised, however, at just how many big businesses use WordPress for their websites.

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