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Amazing Wordpress Stats worth knowing

Posted by Kevin Fouche on May 8, 2018
Kevin Fouche
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These amazing Wordpress statistics leave little doubt WordPress is the right choice to propel your business forward.

Amazing Wordpress Stats worth knowing

The extent in which WordPress truly dominates its CMS domain is daunting. In fact, WordPress powers almost 30% of the entire internet, with over 54 million new posts being published via WordPress every single day.If you are new to WordPress, let me give you some background.

WordPress has continually impressed since its debut in 2003, making it easy to see why WordPress is currently the fastest growing content management system software in the world.

Available in over 72 languages, WordPress is a favourite globally, and thanks to their friendly user interface, WordPress is widely considered the easiest CMS to use.Once renown for making blogging easy, WordPress’s expanded functionality has taken the platform to the next level.

WordPress comes in two forms:

  • WordPress.com is their blog hosting service used for site building, and
  • WordPress.org which is the open source software, used to create the fully functioning websites WordPress is famous for. An all-in-one platform, enabling you to create your own unique website.

While I can assure you WordPress rightly stand head and shoulders above their competitors and will offer a solution for your business like no other, nothing conveys just how extremely influential this open-source content management system (CMS) is quite like statistics, so let’s take a look at a few.

Amazing Wordpress Stats worth knowing

In the beginning, there was WordPress…

Believe it or not, WordPress is older than both Facebook and Twitter as the first version of WordPress was introduced to the world on 27 May, 2003! They have been around to watch the internet become what it is today, and will be there in years to come to help support your business. To date, 32 WordPress versions have been released. Today WordPress is still more visited than Twitter, with 131 million unique visitors per month.

WordPress is the top CMS on the planet

Yes, it’s a big call, but WordPress has 58.55% of the CMS market share - which is more than all the other systems you may know (Joomla, Drupal, etc) combined! Your business deserves the best and WordPress own the market.

WordPress makes up over a quarter of the entire internet

Over 28% of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress, so you know they must be doing something well! To put it another way, right now about 75 million websites are using WordPress and over 37.5 million of those are being hosted on the shared hosting installation, WordPress.com! Now, just to put these huge numbers into some perspective, the total estimated number of active websites sits at about 172 million, according to a survey by netcraft. You can see how WordPress’ matchless versatility has paid off.

WordPress are still the cool kid in school

WordPress truly dominate their domain, and are certainly the popular choice. 49% of top 1M websites use WordPress  - WordPress being 10 times more popular than Joomla and 8.9 times more popular than Drupal.In 2014, WordPress was the most requested job skill worldwide! Choosing WordPress for your business is a popular choice, and because it is so well-liked and well-used, future staff members will probably be familiar with how to use it.For example, WordPress 4.7 “Vaughn” has been downloaded over 19,700,000 times. If we start to look at total downloads of the most recent version and the last 30 versions of WordPress, we’re looking at close to 200 million downloads globally. WordPress is popular. Very popular!

WordPress is easy

WordPress automate many tasks that can be tedious when web publishing. With just a few clicks just about anyone can launch a WordPress website and with their Famous 5 Minute Install, saying their websites are worth the wait falls flat, because you hardly have to wait at all!

Plug-ins and software you can’t live without

WordPress are the fastest growing Web Publication Software and offer over 48,500 free plug ins to their users. Jetpack is an essential free plugin offered by WordPress that helps you with backups, security, traffic insight and social media integration.

In the last year, Jetpack assisted WordPress users:

  • Automatically post over 374,000,000 posts to social networking websites
  • Cache, optimise and deliver from WordPress.com’s CDN around 29,000,000 images per day
  • Prevent 23,000,000,000 brute force attacks.

WordPress’ Akismet prevented 23,000,000,000 brute force attacks as well and blocked 80,000,000,000 spam comments. Akismet works to protect users comments section from bots, spam and other unwanted and unsavoury elements on the internet. WordPress’ WooCommerce currently powers of 1.5 million active online stores and is WordPress’ most popular ecommerce software. Over 39% of the internet’s online stores are powered by WooCommerce.

WordPress can handle it

WordPress will be able to handle whatever your business throws at it.

In 2016, WordPress published 117,939,148,357 words! WordPress gets 175 million page views per month and WordPress.com blogs have over 409 million monthly viewers! WordPress sites are capable of rankin higher in Google searches because the CMS takes care of almost 90% of Google’s crawling issues. Not only is WordPress up to the task, it’s SEO friendly as well.

Taking a quick look at the amazing 2018 WordPress statistics confirms WordPress is both imposing and impressive. This publishing platform has certainly set the standard when it comes to user-friendly web publication software, and it is easy to see why they remain the popular choice worldwide.

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