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A day in the life of a web designer

Posted by Mark Fouche on Sep 10, 2015
Mark Fouche

Working as a web designer in a digital agency involves being able to jump into different roles throughout the day. From designing in Photoshop one minute, to answering a new website enquiry the next, every day is different to the next.

Want an insight into a typical day at Pixel Fish?

Day as a web designer

A day in the life of a web designer at Pixel Fish

9am – Tech Support call

9am- We kick started the day with a coffee while we had quick catch up on the progress of our latest projects. Just as this wrapped up, the phone rang. One of our clients was stuck so I had to jump onto a support role and problem solve his questions about why his post wasn’t displaying on this website.

The Pixel Fish rings about 3 times a day with support questions so we have to be ready to switch roles to get a quick fix. Logging into the clients website, I could see that they hadn’t selected a category before publishing so there was no connection to pull this post into the blog page.

10am – Website Enquiry

A website enquiry came through via email so I forwarded this onto Kevin to follow up with the new client and get further information about what exactly they were wanting to get out of their website.

Kevin gave them a call and got to know their business so he could suggest which Pixel Fish offering would be suited to them. They took an interest in the Pixel Fish bronze pack, so I booked them in for a information meeting the following week so they can meet us in person and understand what we have to offer.

11am – Website Information Meeting

11am- A new client I had spoken to earlier in the week came into our office for an information meeting. Kevin sat down with them and ran them through our packages, process and gathered information about their requirements.

12pm – Pixel Fish Team Lunch

The Pixel Fish team headed down for a pub lunch at the Dee Why Hotel.

1pm – Website Planning Meeting

Kevin and myself head back from lunch to get organised for one of our clients to come in for a website planning meeting. In the meeting we ran through what the client wants in their website and our suggestions to what makes a good website. Deciding on colours, best suited layout and what pages will be included. Leaving the client with a list to take home and pull together the content for the build.

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2pm – Website Designing

After a business day filled with meetings, I have time to get stuck into a website build. Switching to the creative side. I get the style and layout of the homepage set before rolling that throughout the rest of the website.

To finish up, check the mobile views, connect the E-marketing and social media and finish up with testing the contact forms.

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4.30pm - Migrating Website Live

I run through a set of website checks to make sure everything is ready to go before migrating the WordPress website live and prepare the live location. After completing the move, I remove the splash page to reveal the new website.

Finishing up with sending the login details to the client so they can jump in an access their new website.

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