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6 Key Benefits of a 90 Day Business Plan

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Sep 21, 2017
Kevin Fouche
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As many businesses get ready for the next 12 months, 3 years or even 5 years planning sessions we have a suggestion for you – start using a 90 day business plan.

Key benefits of a 90 day business plan

Large national top 200 ASX companies through to small start ups can all benefit from a solid 90 day plan.

The key to it’s success is the detail around who is doing what, by when and how much.

Our advice is don’t use it (or any other plan) without these factors as it is here that your plan will succeed or fail.

6 Key Benefits of a 90 Day Business Plan

1. The time period is long enough

90 days is enough time in any business to make changes that you feel are needed, but not so long as the end game gets lost. 

2. Clarity

It allows for clarity across an business to ensure that you put the first things first.

3. Review as You Go

It gives you an easy-to-read plan to review your progress against each week.

4. Celebrate the Wins!

It allows for wins to be celebrated every 3 months which greatly enhances the good feeling in the business

5. Easily Adjustable

It allows for you to adjust if required.

6. It is easy to complete and follow

As with anything in business, you need to test, refine and repeat to ensure that you have your best chance of success.

Tip: Also have a strategic plan that sits alongside your 90 Day Plan to keep the "boat heading in the right direction" but all the real action is tied to / decided in / monitored through the 90 Day Plan which sits on everyone’s desk. Happy planning!

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