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9 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your E-Commerce Website

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jun 11, 2020
Mark Fouche
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Brands all over the world are refocusing operations online in response to the changing global business environment.  Recent events have all populations coming in and out of lockdowns and often with limited contact protocols. So what is the best online store solution you should look into for your E-Commerce business? Well WordPress of course!

9 Reasons to Use WordPress for Your E-Commerce Website

Part of that is shopping online and ordering products to be delivered. Deliveries allow for much safer no-contact business. Even local, curb-side, pickup, and on-site services are more safely coordinated through a website or app.

Businesses everywhere are adapting to the new normal. Online selling was already prevalent but now it is absolutely necessary. This has led to many brands building their website for the first time or expanding from a small place-holder website. Your first serious foray into e-commerce selling needs to be implemented quickly and affordably. In order to reach the at-home and online shopping customers of today, it's vital to have a working online store.

But what is your best option?

WordPress Ideal for E-Commerce Websites

There are many options for building a website but by far the best explored is WordPress. With millions of business websites, nearly a third of the world's website total, made in WordPress, there's nothing WordPress can't do in the e-commerce sphere. WordPress is designed to provide everything a business needs to connect and sell to customers online.

WordPress is also designed for first-time website owners who may have little-to-no experience running an online shop before. WordPress integrates, has all the tools you need, and is very familiar to tech professionals throughout the industry. Let's dive into the top reasons why WordPress is the right choice for your e-commerce website.

1. Smooth E-Commerce Integration

The WordPress website platform was designed to help businesses get started. The core purpose is as a CMS, a content management system which helps you to design and present web pages. Within that infrastructure is the perfect setting for e-commerce. Online web stores have been built into WordPress so many times by so many different businesses that the path is well-established. There are several industry-standard plugins you can install that will quickly have your WordPress website hosting product information and taking orders without any kind of delay for hand-made projects.

If your goal is to dive right into selling online, WordPress is the best option for this. A WordPress e-commerce installation is easy to do and something experienced WordPress developers can do practically in their sleep. You can rely on this process because it's been done and worked spectacularly for literal millions of brands already.

2. Vast Array of E-Commerce Plugins

Unlike some build-your-own website options, WordPress is both industry-standard and customisable. By selecting and fine-tuning your e-commerce plugins, your website can build a unique yet reliable shopping experience for your customers. You can use the e-commerce plugin that is most popular in your current industry or you can branch out and innovate by choosing an equally functional alternative.

There are dozens of plugins available for most features a website might need. Depending on your business and your vision of the website, you can quickly pick and choose to build the e-commerce website you need. Plugins allow you to put any kind of e-commerce website together from the pieces you need. Expert WordPress developers will then connect the pieces so that they work together smoothly.

3. Get Started Fast and Affordable

For any business that doesn't already have an e-commerce website, getting started quickly is essential. In these changing times, it is absolutely necessary to have your website up fast, and you likely are looking for the best ROI. Your time to market will determine when your customers can start logging in and shopping, making up for their inability to shop in-person. Developing at a low cost also ensures that the maximum amount of online revenue can go to your business transition or to refill your company's rainy day fun.

WordPress lets you get started almost immediately. Selecting, installing, and configuring your plugins requires only a brief development cycle, and much of the software is free or low cost to acquire unlike proprietary websites. WordPress allows for fast and affordable website development so your e-commerce shop can be up and running quickly.

4. Experts Can Customise Your Theme

One of the great things about WordPress is that you start with standard pieces and can customise from there. Businesses have the option to request custom plugins and themes made for them or to select a pre-existing plugin or theme. Sometimes, you can even start with a stack and then write your own code to create the more personalised shopping experience.

5. Customers Familiar with Mechanics

WordPress is the singular most used website platform on the internet. This is good news for your users. When you make an e-commerce website from WordPress, you can be sure that your customers will know how to get around. Eliminate the shopper's learning curve. With a WordPress oneline store, customers will already know where all the buttons are, how to navigate with the side bars, and how to use the product search and filter tools.

The reason for this is because they've interacted with the same types of WordPress e-commerce interface many times before. Customers can easily integrate into your shopping experience, find what they want, and leave as happy patrons of the brand without having to explore or experiment to find their way.

6. Employee Past Experience Applies

Along the same lines, anyone on your team with experience managing a WordPress website will be able to step right up to the plate. After you have you the website commissioned and built, someone will need to handle the back-end. Someone will need to enter your product images, descriptions, and tags. Someone will need to populate your website with blogs and help customers with their orders.

With a WordPress website, you can count on team members who have WordPress and e-commerce experience. Anyone on the team who has handled an e-commerce WordPress site before can translate those skills into managing your business' new website.

7. Expert Developers and Management Services

On the flip-side, a WordPress website is also something you can always hire outsourced management for. If you don't have anyone in-house who has the skills to manage a website, that's perfectly normal for many small and medium sis\zed businesses. Maybe you have someone with the skills, but their time is better spent on other tasks for the company. There's no need to bring a new member on the staff, to increase your payroll, just to handle your website.

When looking to outsource, expert developers and website managers can be found for your WordPress site. Whether you need a WordPress e-commerce site constructed, upgraded, or managed from top-to-bottom, outsourcing experts are available to make it work without expanding your on-staff team.

8. Rely on a Global Community of Users

Another benefit of building your e-commerce website from WordPress is your ability to rely on the global community. The millions of online businesses using WordPress for their websites, along with the developers and admins working on these websites, creates a support system that can't be matched. Anything you want to do with the website, there's a good chance someone else has tried it. There may already be a plugin, best practices, or at least some ideas on how to innovate. If you've run into a bug or error, someone else has likely already found the solution. You can lean on the global community of forums and plugins and patches to keep your website in top condition.

9. Custom Modifications Set You Ahead

Finally, there's the potential to become an industry leader through customisation. WordPress is all about the plug-and-play design but innovators are also raised to the top in this community development environment. If you think of something completely unique and new that improves the website workflow of e-commerce, you can lead the industry for a while. You can also become the name on a new plugin that might take the marketplace by storm. This could become a source of revenue, not to mention a source of industry prestige for innovating the way companies like yours do business.

Modifying WordPress by customising the existing code or sharing your own innovations is a fantastic way to make a name in the industry. 

Here at Pixel Fish, we can help get your e-commerce website running with the time frame and quality you need. We are proud to craft custom WordPress websites and will ensure that your new web portal is everything your customers require for an unforgettable shopping experience. We look forward to hearing your vision and making your WordPress e-commerce website a reality.

Contact us today for an online consultation. We look forward to hearing from every new client.

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