It has been well-established at this point: to successfully market your brand online, your business needs to have a social media presence. But that presence will mean little if it's not operated the right way. A lack of strategy, or inactivity in posting new content, can actually damage your brand more than it helps. 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Services to Boost its Brand

To alleviate that problem, increasing numbers of Australian businesses are turning toward external help. If you understand the need for social media, but are unsure about whether you can sustain an active presence over time, here are 5 reasons you should consider working with social media services to boost your brand.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Services

1. A Strategic Approach

Most importantly, a social media agency will help you build an effective strategy that ensures your efforts to be successful. You can only succeed on social media if you know your audience, and find the right outlet in order to reach them.

Trying to get through to teenagers on LinkedIn, for example, is doomed for failure - as is trying to reach successful mid-career executives via Instagram. Through social media services, you can build a strategy that will focus your efforts and increase their chances of success.

2. Consistent Content

Of course, even the best strategy matters little if you don't follow through with its execution. Social media marketing can seem simple, but actually requires significant time as you have to continuously push out new content to be successful.

Facebook, for example, requires 2 posts per day for optimum success. And yet, if these posts lack in quality, they will do little to help your business. Do you have the time to publish 730 high-quality, relevant posts per year (per network)? If not, consider working with professionals to make it happen.

3. Measuring Your Success

Not everything on social media works. Even the most well-intended posts can tank. Understanding which of your efforts work, and why they were successful, is a crucial part of improving your tactics over time to maximise the success of your social media marketing.

Fortunately, networks like Facebook and Twitter come with extensive analytics platforms that help you determine these metrics. Unfortunately, they can be quite complicated. External social media services help you track your individual posts and efforts to better determine where you should focus for maximum results.

4. Keeping Up With New Developments

Social media marketing is anything but static. Seemingly every day, Instagram adds a new business feature, Facebook updates the algorithm that determines where your posts will show in user's news feeds, or Twitter adds live-streaming capability. Can you keep up?

A social media marketing agency certainly can. It's their job to, which is why they will be your ears on the ground when it comes to new developments. Instead of falling behind and relying on outdated tactics, you can keep up with what your audience engages with and better reach them as a result.

5. Engaging in Social Listening

An often overlooked part of social media marketing is social listening. By strategically monitoring conversations and hash tags on the networks frequented by your audience, you gain a better understanding of the buzz around your brand.

Make no mistake: your audience will talk about you. Unhappy customers express their concerns, while brand loyalists will enthusiastically share your content. Listening on social media means being able to address the former, and encourage the latter.

Successful social media marketing ultimately comes down to two variables: time and expertise. Without even one of them, you may not be successful and your efforts may be wasted. Social media services can help you both stay on track and make sure that your social brand presence effectively boosts your brand and improves your bottom line.

As you can see there are many Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media. For more information on how we can help improve your social media efforts, contact us.

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