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10 Keys to a Successful WooCommerce Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 11, 2018
Kevin Fouche
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A successful WooCommerce store doesn’t have to be the thing of daydreams. With some guidance - and these ten simple tips - you can be on your way to making those thoughts reality and launching the online store you’ve always wanted! 10 Keys to a Successful WooCommerce Website

There’s no doubt WooCommerce is a fantastic choice to launch your new ecommerce business with. Together with WordPress, WooCommerce puts a range of amazing tools at your fingertips, allowing you to sell your products and services in a way that’s right for you.

WooCommerce is adaptable, full-featured, robust and extendable, and what’s more it is free to get started with! You’ll love the wide choice of themes and variety of elements, designed to improve the overall experience customers have with your store.

Running an online store isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean launching your WooCommerce site can’t be! Here are ten tips to help you create a successful WooCommerce website:

10 Keys to a Successful WooCommerce Website

1. Select Your WordPress Theme

When choosing your WordPress theme it is important to make sure the theme is compatible with WooCommerce and is mobile friendly. Think about your brand when you make your selection, and choose a theme that works together with WooCommerce and reflects the essence of your brand.

2. Great photos are vital

Ecommerce stores can make it or break it based on the quality of their images. Aim to give your customer the next best thing to seeing your product in real life. Ensuring your photos are stellar is just the start. You might want to add a short video or give your customers a 360 degree view of your product, but certainly, if you have the budget, use professional photos.

3. Inject some personality

Great copy can sell your products and services all the way to your checkout page. Your store, and all it’s many working parts, should work as one to sell to your customers. Make sure your copy has a consistent tone of voice and reflects your brand’s personality is essential. From your blog pages right through to your help pages: consistency is key! When describing products, address any questions you feel your buyers may have. (How long will the battery last? What is the estimated shipping/delivery timeframe? Is that jacket dry clean only?) Don’t let unanswered queries cause customers to click away. Attempt to provide relevant information about your merchandise while helping your customers understand exactly what your product can do for them.

4. Create content that fills a need

Your business caters to a specific market. By creating useful content, you can engage with your customers even when they aren’t shopping with you. Discussing trends or detailing how to use your products in your page’s blog is a great way to connect with your customers, while simultaneously drawing new customers in.

5. Don’t be a stranger

Email marketing is a great way to let your customers know about offers, discounts, promotions and news. Your email marketing can – and should -  be tailored to be as relevant to the individual as possible. Even if you just send a regular email newsletter – don’t let your customers forget about you! Remember, the more targeted and personal the message, the higher the returns for your business!

6. Let people share the love

You include your users when you allow them to submit reviews and or ratings of your products. You let them know their voice is heard and that what they have to say matters to you. Reviews often result in product conversions. To add reviews and ratings to your WooCommerce site it is as easy as enabling a setting. You may choose to offer a discount for leaving a review, and WooCommerce offers a great extension to help you do that. Remember, reviews are classed as fresh content for search engine indexers so they’ll help your SEO, too.

7. You can’t sell a secret

With an online store, we recommend you use a comprehensive SEO plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast. This allows you to add meta descriptions, optimized permalinks, keywords and more. Not only will search engines know where to find you, but it’s free!

8. Help your customers to shop & shop more

Every successful online store needs customer support. Customer support isn’t simply about refunds, complaints and parcel tracking – great customer support helps your customers to buy from you. Whether it is answering a question about a product or simply helping them to feel secure about shopping on your site, customer support is imperative to your online success.

When customers are already shopping with you – you can use WooCommerce to help them to shop even more! You can add a Wishlist to your site with WooCommerce’s Wishlists extension. With a Wishlist your customer is able to select a product they are interested in, save it to their Wishlist and then return later to complete the purchase.

SmartCoupons is another handy extension for WooCommerce. SmartCoupons allows you to offer gift vouchers, create offers and discounts (which can be marketed through social media) and allows you to run a store credit system.

9. You need a backup

It is always a good idea to backup your content, databases and files. VaultPress, from the people who brought you WordPress, is a quality backup service featuring real time backups, full backup archive and it will deliver fully automated restorations.

10. Find a reliable digital partner

Managing an ecommerce business is full of challenges, from finding the right stock to helping the right customers to find you, but this doesn’t mean your WooCommerce site has to be one of those challenges. Finding the right digital partner allows you to focus on your business knowing that your business’ most essential tool – it’s website – is working just as hard for you as you are.

A reliable digital partner, such as Pixel Fish, will not only help you build your WooCommerce store, we can help you build your business, too. A reliable digital partner will ensure your site utilises all the great features available to enrich your customer’s experience. After all, you want your customers to remember shopping with you to be easy, fast, streamlined and enjoyable! If you’d like to chat about how Pixel Fish can partner with you and your business, simply click here.

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