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WordPress Web Design: Opening up on Open Source

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Feb 26, 2014
Kevin Fouche

With so many people now using open source platforms such as WordPress for their web presence, it's probably a good idea to look a little into open source. With so many options out there, choosing which road to go down can be quite tricky.

WordPress Web Design: Opening up on Open Source

Firstly lets start with some of the generally perceived negatives surrounding the industry.

1) Lack of personal support - As the open sourced community is 'open', its is hard at times to get any support at all from one key source.
2) Lack of Documentation - Reliable, accurate and up to date documentation can also be hard to find for much of the work out there from various developers.
3) Immature product - As time goes by this point is becoming more and more redundant.
4) Disjointed development community

As WordPress is the leader in open source nowadays, I thought it's a good idea to look into the general perceived benefits of WordPress compared to closed source systems

Positives of WordPress Web Design
1) Cost effective
2) Can do 90% of everything extremely well
3) Less testing time than closed source
4) Fantastic with SEO
5) Quick and easy to get up and running
6) Fantastic for Small and large web sites
7) Great Auto updates
8) Central Development team at WordPress - Keeps on top of technology and the latest innovations
9) Progressive thinking community

Top tips for WordPress Web Design
1) Check that whatever theme or plugin you want to use is appropriate on a job to job basis. Remember there is no one size fits all magical solution to everything.
2) Source themes and plug ins from experienced and reputable developers.
3) Watch the industry trends and see where the growth areas are.
4) Try stick to products that have concise documentation and stability.

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