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How to Optimise your website for Google Voice Searches

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Sep 5, 2018

Voice search is quickly gaining traction. Optimising your site for Google voice search is crucial if you want the edge over your competition. Google voice search is changing how we search for the answers to our queries, how we look for information and, importantly, how Google manage search queries.

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10 Ways To Improve Your Website Footer

Posted by Mark Fouche on Aug 22, 2018
Your footer is one of the most important elements of your website. While your footer may not grab your users’ attention from the get-go, it is often the first place your users will look for information, making it vital. Here are some great tips to improve your website's footer.
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Best Practices for Successful Wordpress Website Design

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 18, 2018

There are a few simple steps to successful WordPress website design that WordPress developers should master to ensure an impeccable layout.

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Benefits of Using Icons in Web Design

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 5, 2018

Icons have become part of our online journey. They help engage website users and can add fun, style and interest to your website. So what are the benefits to using icons in your web design?

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10 Top Reasons to use Gravity Forms

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jun 19, 2018

Gravity Forms is an advanced forms plugin, purpose built for WordPress sites. If you aren’t already using Gravity Forms, it will be worth your time investigating this functional, powerful and customisable product and its many features.

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