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5 Ways E-marketing Can Drive Ecommerce Website Sales

Posted by Mark Fouche on Apr 4, 2017

Even as new ways to promote your business online continue to pop up, one constant remains: email marketing, though in use almost as long as personal email addresses exist, still remains one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience.

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Email Marketing Tips: 5 ways to Craft the Perfect Message

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Dec 11, 2015

Make no mistake: email marketing should be a staple of any serious digital marketing efforts. The tactic is not only cost-effective, but also consistently rated among the most effective digital marketing tools available.

But that's not to say that every email works equally well. Though email marketing can be incredibly effective, it can quickly become annoying (or, worse, ignored) if you don't structure your messages just right.

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How to build your local audience with Digital Marketing

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Nov 19, 2015

Sometimes small businesses may not have the same reach that a large business has.

Instead of having unlimited funds to focus on their marketing strategies, they find themselves looking for ways to decrease spending and maximise profits. This is one reason that it is so crucial for small businesses to get marketing right the first time.

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Five Simple Email Marketing Tips Every Small Business Should Use.

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Oct 20, 2015

As a small business owner, you should never underestimate the power of email marketing. When executed correctly, email marketing is an effective and inexpensive marketing strategy.

Email is a great way to stay in touch with current customers and convert leads into new customers.

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E-Marketing: Why Business Email Marketing is alive and kicking

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Aug 12, 2015

With so many possible online promotional tools at your disposal, you can be forgiven for thinking the humble email may have lost it's relevance.

Here's why Email Marketing is alive and kicking and could still be very important for your business.

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