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5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website Offline

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Aug 1, 2017

In the past few years, business websites have moved from just another digital tactic to the central way in which you can showcase your brand to potential customers online. Here, you can provide in-depth examples of your product or services in action, add third-party confirmation through testimonials and case studies, and introduce your company as a whole.

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How Good Web Design can positively impact your business

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jul 25, 2017

From creating a serious brand to impacting your reputation good web design matters. And beware, not every website builder is a good website designer. You need to research website designers to ensure they produce quality work.

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5 Reasons Quality Copywriting Matters for Your Website

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 18, 2017

Your website is your business's public face. Like a storefront, it has a great deal to say about your business--and you want to be sure that you control the first impression received by visitors to your website every bit as much as you would control the impression of visitors to a brick and mortar store. If you're struggling to understand why quality copywriting matters for your website, take a look at these facts. 

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Why Your Website Should Start With Why

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 13, 2017

When designing a website for your business, do you think mainly of great design, engaging graphics, a strong call-to-action, or user-friendly interface? These are all important, but there's something even more fundamental than these factors. Why are you building the website? The first answer that pops into your mind might be "to get traffic" or "to get more leads and make more sales." However, if we dig a little deeper, we come to a more meaningful sense of "why?"

What really inspires and motivates you to do what you do? When you can answer this definitively, you'll find that your message is clear and your customers are more open to you. Let's look at why your website should start with why

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Why you need Social Media Website Integration

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jul 11, 2017

Social media is bigger than ever today, with people spending more and more of their time on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and others. That's why most businesses realize that they need a strong social media presence.

At the same time, websites are just as essential as ever before. If you're wondering whether to invest more time and resources on your website or on social media marketing, you're asking the wrong question. You need both. More to the point, these two aspects of your digital marketing should be closely connected. Let's look at why you need social media website integration

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