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How to get know your small business website audience

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jan 17, 2014
Kevin Fouche

Writing good content doesn't start with typing the words. It starts with finding out about your audience.

Why are people coming to my website? How much do they already know and believe? Who are the people behind the organization?

How to get know your small business website audience

Website Tips: How to get know your small business website audience

It's not about you… sorry!

One of the biggest mistakes we make when writing copy is to think too much about ourselves.

Although your website is a showcase for what your business has to offer, your potential clients aren't thinking about you when they come to your site.

They are thinking about themselves. Can this business meet my needs? Does this business understand me? As hard as it might be to do so, step aside and put your clients desires ahead of your own will to promote your business. Listen before you speak.

Get Personal

A common misconception is that if we are personal in our writing, we seem unprofessional. People want to know that your are human, and it's important to address them as humans too!

So don't talk about users, think about the people and try to avoid personas.

If you can understand what your audience wants from your website, your are well on the way to writing great content for your new website. 

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