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How to extend the life of your website and not let it die a slow death

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Feb 14, 2014
Kevin Fouche

You've may have been hearing from people around you that all you need is a flashy, funky looking website up online.

Hundreds of people are going to instantly fall in love with your site and business will start rolling in from the get go. Right? Wrong.

How to extend the life of your website

You may have heard the old saying "Use it or lose it!" Well, the same applies to your business website. Don't let your website die a slow death!

Let me explain....

I like to use the analogy of building a new website to that of buying a pair of really good running shoes.

Ok, we've all done it in our life at some time or another. The new years celebrations have barely ended and the next thing you find yourself down at the local sports store. Before you know it you've forked out $200 for a new pair of fancy looking running shoes with the boldest of ambitions to run every day before work to get fit and healthy this year! Just like last year.. Yeah sure you run that afternoon, twice the next week, once the week after. Before you know it you haven't used them in months and they are sitting in the bottom of you cupboard collecting dust whilst your fitness hopes are just a distant memory. The fanciest of running shoes won't get you fit if you don't regularly use them. Money wasted.

In the exact same way, a website is not something you should just buy with great excitement, only to then have it sit online slowly becoming irrelevant through neglect. Your Website is a living, breathing tool for your business. It is not a piece of art to be looked at from a distance, nor is it a trophy meant to be stuck on a shelf collecting dust whilst the world moves on.

If you want your business to grow, then your website needs to reflect that. It needs to be maintained with pride, kept up to date with technology and your latest business developments. It needs to be something that whenever anyone visits it, they are interacting with your current business.

How to extend the life of your website

Here are a few tips to help keep your site active and relevant:

1) News Blog - If possible try write a weekly, fortnightly or monthly blog for your site to let your customers know what you have been up to. It could be the latest success of your new product or a trend you have spotted in your industry. Whatever it is, try keep it fresh and exiting and something people want to read about.

2) Maintenance - Set yourself a regular time every week, fortnight or month to go through your site and update information that is now relevant to your business. You may have a new project on the go or a new product you have just added. If you don't update it, no one will know. It's no good having all of your information off line.

3) Innovate - Perhaps try run a monthly special or perhaps an online competition to increase your sales, website visits or awareness.

4) Advertise - Experiment with Google Adwords and Facebook advertising to target new potential customers. Remember to have a clear message and to drive all traffic back to your site.

5) Track your site - Use Google Analytics to constantly monitor your sites hits, where people click to gauge your success. Test, Refine and Repeat! You will never know if what you are doing is working if you don't track what you are doing.

With Pixel Fish, we deliver user friendly sites that all of our happy clients enjoy updating regularly themselves.

If you would like to find out more about Pixel Fish’s fantastic affordable WordPress websites please call our friendly team on 02 9114 9813 or email us at info@pixelfish.com.au

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