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12 Business Website Tips for Blog success

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jan 15, 2014
Kevin Fouche

Now that you know what a Blog is and the reasons why your business should have a Blog, here are 12 great tips to get you started on Blogging Success!

12 Business Website Tips for Blog success

12 Tips for Blog success

Define your success
Work out what your key outcomes and objectives are for your website's blog. Whether it's for customer service, marketing or Brand building. By knowing clearly what you want to achieve through your blog, you will be more focused and direct with what you write and how you write it.

Know your reader 
A good concept that has been around for a while now, is to create reader profiles for your blog. Imagine in your head your ideal customer and then create a persona; an imaginary profile of who your ideal customer is. This will give you a better idea of how to write, what to write and how to target your blog more effectively. This will define the way write - your tone of voice, your subject matter and help connect better with your reader. If you have a person in mind to write for, your blogs will be more personal and more effective.

Be useful 
Remember that your blog must be useful to your reader. If it provides them with no use, then they have no need to read and engage with you. Show that you can get in the shoes of your reader. Show how can you make their life better. Be useful to them. Write more about things people want to read, than necessarily the things you want to say. It's about THEM not YOU.

Tell Stories
Create factual and fictional narratives to get across your thoughts. It is a well known fact that people often can relate to stories better than just plain facts. It engages their imagination, helps spark interest and leads to recollection of your blog.

Try by telling the following stories:

  1. Company stories - Helps show your businesses experience and builds trust with your audience.
  2. Customer Stories - Customers relate to other customers stories, so if you happen to have any good news customer stories they can be very useful to share.
  3. Staff Stories - Put a human face on your business by sharing real life stories involving your staff members.
  4. Product Stories - Helps show real life benefits of your products or services by relating stories of peoples experiences with your products.
  5. Case Studies - Nothing better than a real life case study. That's a FACT!

Build Community
People go online, not to be alone, but to be involved. So involve them. Explore online communities and create your own - Don't just see your blog as an opportunity for you to get to know your customers. Use it as an opportunity for your customer to get to know you.
Your cutovers talk with each other - the more people out there talking about you the better.

Inspirational stories,images, stories are great ways to spark engagement. Whether its an amazing new technological development in your field, an amazing new product or an inspiring story. Start with Inspiration and drive them to your information.

Be Personal 
Often personal insights help humanise your business and help people connect with you. It can often soften your digital presence and help improve the personal connection with you and your business.

Be Playful
Keep things fun and exciting. Humour can go along way and again, helps connect with people. It can often surprise people and create interest by being a bit different.

Do Good
Do something good with your blog. Help your local community. People will see this in a positive light and help build trust with you.

Be passionate - people love passion. Passion shows you care and they can trust you.

Find readers
Start with Quality. People will then come.

How can you leverage all of your business connections to drive people to your blog? Think of integrating it with social media, your newsletter or the other pages of your website.
How can you make viewers become a repeat attenders? Create a positive and useful experience.

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Top Blogging Tips for Website Blog Success

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