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Building your Blogging audience

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jan 22, 2014
Kevin Fouche

So now that you are armed with some great tips for your new Blog, how exactly do you find and build your audience?

Here are 6 great start up tips for building your Blogging audience.

Building your Blogging audience

1) Build something worth being found... and you will be found
Be interesting and people will be interested in you. Be useful and people will use your site. It's that simple.

2) Launch with already 4-5 posts
This is a great way to launch your site with a ready made catalogue of interesting content for your readers. No one will find your site interesting with just 1 blog on there.

3) Give people a reason to subscribe
Whether you offer regular helpful tips, breaking news or run great offers. Give them a reason to keep switched on to your updates.

4) Find the places where people are hanging out
Find out where your readers are hanging out on line. Is it Twitter, Google Plus, FaceBook, Flickr. Find out how you can participate there. Join in and connect with them one on one!

5) Explore guest posts on other blogs
A lot can observed from others people's blogs. See how many people respond, how people interact and what topics spark peoples interest. Learn and then inject these ideas into your blog!

6) Partner with other bloggers to build profile - cross mention each other
The more the merrier. You will find that people out there speak to like minded people and where one follows, others will too. So don't see your competition as your competitors, rather see them as a useful resource and community.

7) Answer people's questions!
Be useful to people. Try no to spam them.

8) Rent and then Own!
Remember that your aim is to initially rent their attention. People browsing the net will be stumbling upon your site. So you need to grab their attention whilst you can.
The aim is to then own the peoples attention. By this I mean follow up communication can be done via your EMail database, user/members list, be followed on twitter, Be Friend-ed on Facebook, Be Joined in your forum.

So go forth, find your followers and conquer!

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