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How the power of the internet has impacted modern business websites

Posted by Kevin Fouche on May 3, 2013
Kevin Fouche

In today's world there is an ever increasing reliance on the internet for our entertainment, shopping and even socializing.

The impact that technology is having on our lives is so great that even small businesses are now finding it extremely hard to ignore .


The power of the internet - business websites

Here are some simple facts that make for very compelling reading as to why small business simply cannot ignore the power of the internet any longer with their business websites.

Did you know?
• 18 Million Australians Google every day
• There are 5 billion searches per day world wide
• 500 million searches every day happen on YouTube
• 80% of internet users shop online
• 80% of shoppers use search engines to help in their buying decisions
• Back in 2013 mobile devices overtook PC's

Many small businesses tend to turn a blind eye to the changes that are happening as they can feel at times intimated by technology. But what many don't realise is that there are so many affordable solutions to help promote their business online and target potential customers that they otherwise would have not reached.

With the advent of WordPress, affordable CMS websites are now within reach for everyday businesses. Once considered a luxury by larger organisations, a user up-datable site is now something that every business should have as part of their online presence.

By regularly updating their own websites, businesses can keep their online presence fresh and up to date. This in turn means their web sites are relevant and useful to their potential customers and in turn brings in more business.

The world is changing and it really is a case of sink or swim!

To back up the fact about how important a user-friendly website CMS is, maybe have a look at the important impact Wordpress has had on business.

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