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Website tips: How to create your own Avatar

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jan 29, 2014
Kevin Fouche

Did you know that an avatar is the little picture that displays next to your name when commenting on blogs. Here 's how to create your own Avatar. 

How to create your own Avatar

It can be a photo but for businesses we recommend that you use your logo. The image is connected with your email address so will display whenever you comment, both on your own and others’ sites.

This little touch can add to the level of professionalism promoted of your business’ image. How? If you are responding to the queries and comments of existing and potential clients, they will be reassured that the response is credible and reliable by seeing the business’ logo.

This sounds great, but how do I get one?

A credible site to do this through is Gravatar – they produce globally recognised Avatars. Setting an Avatar up through them is quick and easy.

It is important that you link the Avatar to the email address used for your website admin. You can find this in the back end of your website under Users

Once you have created a Gravatar account for your business, you can add email addresses if needed. 

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