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Drive your website to succeed

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 3, 2014
Kevin Fouche

Isn't it time you learnt how to Drive your website to succeed?

In todays world it is vital that your website is an up-to-date professional digital reflection of your business.

Drive your website to succeed!

I am constantly amazed at how many frustrated potential clients we come across every week. They always seems to have the same problems "I have no idea how to access, let alone make any changes to my business website".

So Why own a Ferrari if you don't know how to drive?

Not being able to quickly and easily access your website and make changes is like owning a Ferrari without knowing how to drive it. It is totally debilitating.

Whether it be the accounting firm that fired a staff member and do not know how to remove their profile off their website, or the Financial advisor who urgently needs to update his legals on his website.

At Pixel Fish we are passionate about not only delivering stylish websites for our clients. We also make sure they get the training, education and support they need to manage and update their websites.

We build our websites in WordPress which makes the handover process with websites very seamless and gives our clients a high level of confidence that they can update their websites with ease.

One of our clients Sarah from Innovations Sports Physiotherapy is a great example of a business owner who really manages her website well. Sarah has added numerous pages herself to her website and also maintained an active blog. All of this hard work keeps her businesses digital presence relevant and fresh for her potential clients.

If you would like to find out more about Pixel Fish’s fantastic affordable WordPress websites please call our friendly team on 02 9114 9813 or email us at info@pixelfish.com.au

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