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5 No brainer website tips for small business

Posted by Kevin Fouche on Jul 21, 2011
Kevin Fouche

So you are a small business thinking of getting a new website? With so much to take in and consider it can get a little overwhelming at first. It shouldn't be.

Here are 5 No brainer website tips for small business.

5 No brainer website tips for small business

At Pixel Fish, we are constantly working with small businesses every day helping deliver them fantastic affordable websites.

Here are some basic tips we recommend to small businesses who are embarking on a new website.

1) Research your competitors
We always try to suggest to our clients that they try find 5 examples of their competitors websites to analyse. By doing this you will quickly work out what you do and don't like. Often it is easier to work out what you want by seeing examples of others. Learn from others mistakes and take inspiration from their successes.

2) Define your difference
Have a think and work out exactly what sets your business apart. What do you do that is different from everyone else. Are you friendlier? Cheaper? More exclusive? By understanding what sets you apart it will make it easier to work out the direction of your website and how you want to relay this information to your clients.

3) Target your Customers
Know who you are targeting. Remember you cannot be everything to everyone. It is always better to be bold and go down a direction of who you are and who you want to target, rather than end up with a website that is stuck in the middle and doesn't resonate with anyone.

4) Aim to grow
Plan your website to be one that grows with your business. Perhaps have a News Section that you can constantly update to keep your site relevent. Don't build your site into one that you cannot add to or grow.

5) Time for a logo change?
With many small businesses we tend to find the time to get a new website often coincides with a new era in their business and hence a new logo. The look of your logo can greatly affect the strength of your site. A new site with an old, outdated logo can often look out of place. If your business needs a new logo, please talk to our friendly team who may assist you with some great logo specials.

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