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As Pixel Fish's Digital Creative Director, Mark is responsible for overseeing all of the digital design that leaves the studio.
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5 Ways Your Website can Add Value to Your Business

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jun 22, 2017

Do you have a business website? More importantly: how do you use that website to increase brand awareness, lead conversions, and customer generation? If you cannot answer that question, you might need a new approach. A website can be immensely valuable regardless of your industry and audience, if you know how to use it just right.

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Topics: Business Tips, Website Design

Understanding the Importance of Website Maintenance

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jun 15, 2017

For a wide range of reasons, a website can be crucial to helping your business gain audience exposure and grow its revenue. Unfortunately, too many businesses make the assumption that a great website can be accomplished with one major web design project, and little follow up.

In reality, website maintenance is important. We would even argue that it's one of the most vital steps to ensuring long-term success in marketing and growing your business digitally. Here's why.

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Topics: Website Hosting

3 Reasons Your WordPress Website Must be Optimised for Mobile

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jun 13, 2017

Are you ready for the mobile revolution? For the sake of your digital marketing success, you better be. In fact, that revolution is not just coming - it's already here.

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Topics: Mobile Responsive Design, WordPress

WordPress for Web Design: Taking WordPress Beyond a Blogging Platform

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jun 1, 2017

It's easy to associate WordPress with blogging. After all, the service began with the express mission of making it easier for everyday web users to start their own blog. Even its name, WordPress, is associated directly with writing words in a digital publication format. Here's why your business needs to embrace WordPress for Web Design.

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10 Point Business Web Design Checklist for a Perfect Business Website

Posted by Mark Fouche on May 25, 2017

Your business's website is the front display: the item that many people see first when they seek information about your business. It's how they get to know you, understand what your business is all about, and develop a deeper appreciation for what your business can offer them. This ten-point web design checklist will help you create the perfect website for your business and ensure that you stand out from the crowd of other businesses in your industry.

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Topics: Website Design