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As Pixel Fish's Digital Creative Director, Mark is responsible for overseeing all of the digital design that leaves the studio.
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How Good Web Design can positively impact your business

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jul 25, 2017

From creating a serious brand to impacting your reputation good web design matters. And beware, not every website builder is a good website designer. You need to research website designers to ensure they produce quality work.

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Why you need Social Media Website Integration

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jul 11, 2017

Social media is bigger than ever today, with people spending more and more of their time on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and others. That's why most businesses realize that they need a strong social media presence.

At the same time, websites are just as essential as ever before. If you're wondering whether to invest more time and resources on your website or on social media marketing, you're asking the wrong question. You need both. More to the point, these two aspects of your digital marketing should be closely connected. Let's look at why you need social media website integration

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3 Reasons Website Speed Matters for Your Business

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jul 4, 2017

We've all been there. You pull up a website, either to browse or answer a specific question - and it doesn't want to load. More quickly than you might want to admit, you navigate back to Google search results and look for an alternative that's more user-friendly.

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The Top 10 Woocommerce Benefits for Small Businesses

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jun 27, 2017

If you’re a small business owner looking for an ecommerce solution, look no further than WooCommerce by WooThemes, one of the most versatile WordPress plugins, and one of the most popular.  Since its launch in 2011, more than 1.6 million businesses in the U.S., the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China and India have downloaded Woocommerce, a testament to the many Woocommerce benefits for small business.  From its user-friendly experience to its flexibility and customisation options, Woocommerce continues to be the smart choice for smart designers—and smart businesses. Let's go through some of the very best Woocommerce Benefits for Small Businesses. 

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5 Ways Your Website can Add Value to Your Business

Posted by Mark Fouche on Jun 22, 2017

Do you have a business website? More importantly: how do you use that website to increase brand awareness, lead conversions, and customer generation? If you cannot answer that question, you might need a new approach. A website can be immensely valuable regardless of your industry and audience, if you know how to use it just right.

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